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Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail

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Civil Rights in Education Heritage TrailHistory
Our nation's free public education system was born here in Southside Virginia. It was along the sleepy back roads of a few rural counties, including Dinwiddie, that African-Americans, Native Americans, and women earned the right to an education that was equal to that of white males.

Driving Tour
A self-guided driving tour highlights 41 of these historically significant sites and tells the poignant and often explosive story of civil rights in American education. Nine of the 41 sites are located in Chesterfield County, Petersburg, and Dinwiddie County. Because the trail is not linear or chronological, it can be started and ended at any point. Once you begin, follow the Civil Rights in Education Trail blazing signs from one stop to the next.

A Virginia state map could be helpful if you want to skip a stop, or should you get lost. Pick one up at any Virginia Welcome Center, or call 804-786-2801 to receive one by mail. To fully experience the tour, allowing time to enter buildings that are publicly accessible, it will take approximately two full days. A free brochure and map are available online.