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1. Who can answer questions about locating a new business in Dinwiddie County?
2. How do I find the best site or location for my company?
3. What types of business data are available to my company and what is the cost?
4. Who needs a business license?
5. What is the process to obtain a business license?
6. Who can answer questions about the business license application or the licensing process?
7. When are business license renewal applications due?
8. What is the first thing that I should do in order to start a small business?
9. How do I obtain a government grant?
10. What is a business plan and how is it created?
11. How do I obtain a Tax ID number for my business?
12. How do I secure a loan for my small business, and what do I need to prepare?
13. What types of financial assistance do the state, county, or local communities provide to businesses?