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Enterprise Zones
Virginia Enterprise Zone Program
Start or expand your business operations within Dinwiddie by taking advantage of this state-sponsored grant program. The Virginia Enterprise Zone Program provides job creation grants to businesses that add or maintain jobs in designated targeted areas called enterprise zones. The state also sponsors the Real Property Investment Grant, reserved for qualified individual and entity investors who are investing in eligible industrial, commercial or mixed use real property. Grow your business with an added boost from your county supporter.

Zone Maps

Local Enterprise Zone Incentives
In addition to the state benefits, Dinwiddie County provides an added boost to the EZ incentives, including:
  • Expedition of all permits for the company when construction and/or expansion opportunities come to pass
  • Dinwiddie County will waive the costs associated with building permits and site review
  • Dinwiddie County will reduce the cost of connecting to public water and sewer (to be equivalent to a 5/8 inch meter charge)
  • A seven year grant based on the value of business’ certified recycling equipment
  • The county will proactively protect the enterprise zone’s appearance and economic viability through aggressive code enforcement
  • A full (100%) or partial exemption of BPOL fees is available from the commissioner of revenue for a five year period. (Maximum of five years). Full exemption only applies to companies new to Dinwiddie County. For current county-based existing companies, the tax and fee relief period shall begin in the tax year after the business qualifies for the relief and shall last for four additional years, or as long as the business remains within any enterprise zone in Dinwiddie County, whichever period is shorter.

View the benefits and requirements for the following available grants:

Job Creation Grant
  • Grants paid annually for jobs over the threshold for five year period
  • Companies can claim grants on up to 350 jobs per year
  • Grant funds of up to $4,000 per qualifying job over the threshold available

  • Create at least four net new qualifying jobs with health benefits
  • Position must pay at least twice the federal minimum wage rate

Real Property Investment Grant
Amount available: 
  • Grant amounts to 20% of the excess above the minimum required investment
  • For investments $5 million or less - grant can total a maximum of $100,000
  • For investments of more than $5 million - grant can total a maximum of $200,000

  • For rehabilitation / expansion projects - investment must equal at least $100,000
  • For new construction projects - investment must equal at least $500,000 in qualified real property